How can I share my Online (M)SDS Binder with my customers or employees?

Your new URL looks like this:

online msds binder

The URL you need to use to share your Online (M)SDS Binder is in your browser's address bar, just as in the above example. Copy that address and use it to share your page. Visitors who are not registered users will have to use that URL address to find your Online (M)SDS Binder. They do NOT have to register to view your Online (M)SDS Binder.

The most practical username is the name of your company; you could always go back and change it if you used a different name to register.

If you registered with your company name, and you created a link to your new Online (M)SDS Binder from your web page, your customers should be able to find it with a Google search of your company name followed by (M)SDS.

"/online-msds-binder" is automatically added to every username URL.

The easiest way to deploy your (M)sds sheets is to add a link to your new Online (M)SDS Binder from the footer of your webpage

Copy the URL from your browser address bar and use that in your links to share your binder.

If you would like to create a link in HTML to your Online (M)SDS Binder copy and paste one of the attributes below (just replace /your-user-name/ with the username you created when you registered).

<a href=" "> Online (M)SDS Binder</a>

<a href=" "> MSDS Binder</a>

<a href=" "> Safety Data Sheets</a>


Another great way to deploy your (M)sds sheets is to add a link to your new Online (M)SDS Binder in the signature area of your email messages

Cover all the bases and add email deployment: Add a link to your outlook email message

If you need any help with this just create contact us and we will be glad to help you out.
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