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Rollback on 09/03/19

For those of you who have been with us for a while and can remember the upgraded version back in January, and this current version that we've rolled back to, and all the problems we've had and tried to correct over the past months... We apologise, and appreciate your understanding. After many complaints, and requests to go back to this old format, we've finely rolled it back. We had to recreate a lot of accounts, and hopefully we didn't miss anyone. If your a newer account you may have lost your password so go ahead and request a temporary one and reset it, the older ones should be fine. If you have any problems please reach out to us and we'll do everything we can to help.


You may have noticed we've made more changes to our menus. The reason we made these improvements is for our mobile and tablet visitors. Now your employees who access via smartphone, can navigate around our site even better, and find your (M)SDS sheets faster. When they land on your user page, the database search box is first, followed by the (M)SDS sheets in your online binder. The menus and everything else follows that so they can get to the most important information first without having to pass through the menus. It really looks great! Try it out with your own phone.

Spotlight on Business is a new program provided to our members where we help you promote your business. Check it out it's free.

We have a new FAQ page with some awesome information like "How to Share Your New Online MSDS Binder With Customers, Employees". Feel free to leave a comment, or ask a related question in the comment box. That way the whole community can benefit from the questions and answers.

Our new msds database has really taken off this year and is growing daily, we now have over 190,000 records!


We do not send out emails unless it's absolutely necessary to inform our registered users of something, we don't like getting bombarded with emails, so we don't do it to our users, and for that reason, we've developed this new landing page. This is where you'll find the information we would like to share with you. Each time you log in, have a quick look for updates. And, as always, we will NEVER share your email, or any other information you used to register, with ANYONE for ANY reason.

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